Establishished 1903

Morrisburg Curling Club
22 Ontario Street
Morrisburg  ON   K0C 1X0

Alice Thompson, Joan MacKinnon, Linda Murphy and Nelda Hickman were to be in     Alexandria last Wednesday for their bonspiel, but with bad weather and the closing of Highway 401, the organizer had to cancel her bonspiel. Our folks hope to play in Alexandria’s bonspiel next year.

On Thursday, Alice Thompson, Janie Connolly, Joanne Baker and Nelda Hickman travelled to Winchester for their Grandmothers’ Bonspiel. Also in the bonspiel from Morrisburg were Susan McIntosh, Kathy Norg, and Paula and Claire Locke.      Unfortunately both Morrisburg teams were in the early bonspiel, and to further cast a pall on the morning, the organizers had them play each other. Susan had a very strong team and won that meeting. They also won their second match after lunch, and placed second behind a team from Ottawa’s R.A. Centre, the overall champions. The curlers enjoyed soup, sandwiches and dessert at lunchtime, and a very tasty evening meal, with wine and desserts provided. Such stats as the oldest grandmother, who was a lady in her nineties, and the grandmother with the youngest grandchild, were enjoyed and applauded. Eventually the ladies wended their way home, with another Grandmothers’ bonspiel history, but visions of the event happy memories for them all.

We had one team entered in the Ladies’ Curling Association competition. Their first match was in Manotick. Greta McGann, Kathy Norg, Joan MacKinnon, and Penny Charlebois were our representatives. The team won all of their matches and captured the trophy. It was an impressive reward for their efforts, and Greta and her team get to keep it for a year. Congratulations ladies! Prescott won this same trophy many years ago, but no other team outside Ottawa has been so fortunate. In addition, the team will be playing on Tuesday for the next level of competition, and they finish off with a visit to Ormstown March 26 to conclude the event. Linda Murphy replaces Penny Charlebois on the team. This is the only change of which we are aware, and our apologies if there are other changes. We wish all the best to these excellent curlers.

Also on Tuesday, Prescott makes a return visit to Morrisburg for a friendly bonspiel. With four of the ladies involved in the Ladies’ Curling Association competition, and many other local women otherwise occupied, our guests will outnumber us, but the friendly competition, not to mention the delicious snacks and appropriate beverages afterwards, will bring the Tuesday ladies’ season to a very pleasant conclusion.

On Friday, Andy Patenaude, Alice Thompson, Neil Williams and Penny Charlebois play in Kemptville’s 222 bonspiel, and we’ll have those results next time.

Finally, on April 1st we’ll have our closing bonspiel, followed by a banquet, and an annual meeting. The evening concludes with more curling, as two top teams play for the club championship.

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