Establishished 1903

Morrisburg Curling Club
22 Ontario Street
Morrisburg  ON   K0C 1X0

The Hughie Hutchinson bonspiel had to be postponed because of previous ice conditions causing a delay in other events. A new date for the bonspiel will be announced shortly. When Hugh curled here, he was very influential, and a determined Scotsman. He was able to persuade others to go along with eating haggis, a vegetable mix with sheep’s liver, lung and heart, cooked in a sheep’s stomach, and has quite a flavour. One curler found it so nauseating he seasoned it with mustard. On another occasion in cooking, someone turned the heat up too high and burst the sheep’s stomach. With no Scots left in the club anyway, that ended the serving of the dish to the Morrisburg curlers. We can’t wait for the bonspiel.

The Merkley, the men’s four-club, double team bonspiel was recently held in Winchester, but for the first time in the writer’s memory, we were not able to field a team. That’s really disappointing. There are all of things going on these days, but even so, this messes things up, not only for us, but the other three clubs as well.

The day ladies were in Prescott for a friendly bonspiel. Alice Thompson, Betty Locke, Susan McIntosh, Sharon Van Allan, Linda Murphy, Kathy Killick, Joan MacKinnon, Penny Charlebois and Cindy Paice represented us. We’ll have the results next time.

Also, the senior men will be back in Winchester for a friendly bonspiel today. The teams are Maurice Kolff, Rick MacKenzie, and Rick Astley, Dave King, Len Bellamy, Chuck Irvine and Ken Paice, and John Allison, Neil Williams, Larry Ware and Bill Simmons. We’ll have the results next time.

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